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A few of my more "technologically challenged" fans complained about not being able to find the review on the CA Bluegrass Assn website, so here's a cut & paste:

Rusty Preston hails from Kentucky, and his family listened to bluegrass and country music and sang gospel at home and church. His career took him to foreign countries, but now he has settled in the Monterey area and has recorded a collection of favorite songs, including four that he has written himself. While the album notes list mandolin and banjo instruments, the main instruments in the mix are acoustic and electric guitar, dobro, and drums. Rusty’s engaging vocals are smooth with just a bit of vocal embellishments on the ending phrases to keep things interesting. Several background vocalists provide an echoing chorus effect that keep the songs moving. “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad” and “I Know You Rider” are two traditional songs that have been transformed with a heavy guitar backdrop yet remain appealing. Rusty’s fingerpicking guitar style is featured in his original instrumental “Southern Comfort” and his “When We Called” was inspired by Grayson Kirby’s recovery from a car accident with the aid of a prayer group: “when we called, He came and shined his light on you.” It’s the most bluegrass of the songs on the album, and is an album highlight. “Sea of Heartbreak” is embellished with a banjo backdrop, and it’s a great song for a sing along. With other popular songs such as “City of New Orleans,” “Wild Horses,” and “I Know You Rider,” this album is a delightful drive-down-the-road and sing along collection that should be part of your car music collection. 

Rusty Preston: When We Called ©2017 Song List: It Ain’t You Babe, Helplessly Hoping, Going Down the Road Feeling Bad, Wild Horses, When We Called, Past the Point of Rescue, Oh My Sweet Carolina, City of New Orleans, When You Come Back, Sea of Heartbreak, I Know You Rider, Southern Comfort. 

Brenda Hough

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